Having Difficulty With Someone?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION PER COVID-19: The Community Boards office is closed for unscheduled walk-ins and in-person services until further notice. We are continuing to provide services remotely on Zoom at this time, with some options for in-person mediations. For in-person mediations, people will need to be vaccinated and wear masks. You may start the mediation process by calling our office or by completing the following online form: Start a Mediation.

Since 1976 Community Boards has been assisting people resolve many types of issues and conflicts that arise from having difficulty with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, employers, business partners, vendors, customers, and others.  We provide personalized assistance and support, while offering relevant information and recommending referrals to other resources when needed.

Circumstances will determine whether your issue is appropriate for our Neighborhood Mediation Program or our Professional Conflict Resolution Services.  When you contact us to discuss your issue, we’ll explain which approach best meets your situation.

In some instances, we may recommend using our Conflict Coaching services that will team you with one of our conflict coaches for a direct one-to-one session.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion if you’re having difficulty with someone.

Contact Information

Monday-Thursday | 10:00am – 6:00pm (currently suspended)
Walk-in Hours (currently suspended)

Phone: (415) 920-3820 x100 (Messages are monitored daily)
Email: Learn_More@communityboards.org, ATTN: Mediation Questions

Start a Mediation Online

Neighborhood Mediation Program

Communication breakdowns | Relationship issues | Confrontations | Harassment

Parent-Teen | Elder care | Blended families | Guardianship

Privacy | Communication breakdown | Shared expenses | Shared resources | Roommate’s friends & house guests

Property Manager/Landlord/Tenant
Rent | Eviction & unlawful detainer | Security deposits | Section 8 | Repairs | Parking | Rodents & bugs | Mold

Neighbor to Neighbor
Noise | Parking | Pets | Trash removal | Sanitation | Property maintenance | Fences | Trees & vegetation | Property lines | Construction | Residents/small business | Residents/city or county agency

Professional Conflict Resolution Services

Homeowner/Condo/TIC Associations
Rules and Regulations (CC&Rs) | Maintenance | Landscaping | Fees & special assessments | Pets | Parking | Shared facilities | Board elections

Small Businesses
Contracts | Warranties | Undelivered good or services | Partnerships | Fee disputes | Breach of contract | Debt repayment | Independent contractors

Employment & Workplace
Management & employee disputes | Co-worker disputes | Discrimination | Wrongful termination | Benefits disputes | Harassment

Vehicular accidents | Premises liability | Policy coverage | Injury claims | Property damage | Pet attacks

Real Estate
Purchase agreements | Easements | Non-disclosure | Property lines | Liens | Views | Leases | Escrow