Organizational Development & Public Engagement

Community Boards’ facilitation services are a critical resource for nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and many businesses.

Primary Contact

Karen H. Lipney, ADR Programs Director | (415) 920-3820 x109
Email Karen at Learn_More@communityboards.org.  Please include her name in the subject line.

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is when a neutral third-party leads a process that helps group members identify and define their shared goals, while also identifying the issues blocking fulfillment of these goals. Facilitators assist groups by surfacing underlying issues and concerns, while increasing opportunities for consensus.

Community Boards’ facilitation expertise has been proven to be an effective tool for generating constructive results for clients confronting institutional challenges and internal conflict. Our facilitators provide the orderly framework that allows people to speak passionately about their opinions and convictions. They create the necessary forum for “competing” parties to challenge and debate each other in a productive, respectful, and civil manner.

Ultimately, Community Boards’ facilitators excel at assisting all involved parties in finding their points of common interest and developing action plans for proactively moving forward. In addition, they are experienced at providing decision makers with clear, concise summaries of participant commentary to help inform future actions at the policy level.

Community Boards’ facilitators can help when:

  • Groups are confronted with multiples issues.
  • Decision-making and actions involve multiple parties.
  • Changes in mission or service delivery need to be addressed.
  • There is limited time to achieve a goal.
  • Consensus from all parties is essential.
  • Groups are at impasse and unable to move forward.
  • There are changes in staffing or budgeting.
  • An organization or agency is restructuring.
  • Public or private hearings, meetings or forums are held.
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Logistics & Costs

Getting Started
Please contact Karen H. Lipney, ADR Programs Director, to discuss your organization’s needs, goals, and benchmarks. Telephone her at (415) 920-3820, x109 or email her at klipney@communityboards.org.

Community Boards can also custom design a facilitation training for your organization or agency.

We charge a $70 case opening fee and $200/hour for the facilitation itself. Due to the complexity of most facilitations, we also charge $75/hour for case preparation and for post-facilitation debriefings and reports. In order to keep Community Boards’ services accessible and affordable, our fees are negotiable to be as cost effective as possible.