Resolution Services

Community Boards has a proven track record of offering effective, comprehensive conflict resolution services to all of San Francisco.

Primary Contact

Karen H. Lipney, ADR Programs Director | (415) 920-3820 x109
Email Karen at Please include her name in the subject line.

Here’s a Quick Overview of Our Operations


Conflict Resolution Programs & Services

  • Facilitation
    Our Facilitation Services are an effective tool for generating constructive results for groups and teams confronting institutional challenges and internal conflict that impact productivity.
  • Conflict Coaching
    Our Conflict Coaching Program provides confidential one-on-one sessions that assist individuals in addressing and problem solving a challenging relationship.

 We can assist…

  • Families, friends, roommates, neighbors who need help in resolving a wide range of personal, domestic, residential, and quality of life disputes.
  • Nonprofit organizations that must deliver their programs & services within constrained budgets, while navigating the diverse interests of clients, board members, management, staff, and volunteers.
  • Independent contractors, sole proprietors, and small businesses who value vendor, customer, and client relationships, while trying to minimize legal expenses and liabilities.
  • Property owner associations (TICs, condominiums, homeowners) whose members balance their shared financial investments in their homes and neighborhoods with maintaining constructive, civil relationships with each other.
  • Public agencies that must address important public issues, maintain open communications, and equitably handle the competing needs of multiple parties, all in times of funding challenges.
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Logistics & Costs

Getting Started
Circumstances will determine whether your issue is appropriate for Neighborhood Mediation, Professional Mediation, or Conflict Coaching.  When you contact us to discuss your conflict, we’ll explain which approach best meets your situation.

Each service and program has its own steps and procedures.  All customers do, however, receive individualized attention to their special circumstances, needs, and goals.

Learn more the Logistics & Costs for each our services and programs here: