Regal Pet Mediation

Regal Pet Mediation Program

In a city as densely populated as San Francisco, pet disputes are not only common, they’re frequently some of the most contentious and emotionally confrontational. Put simply, pet owners consider their pets to be members of the family- their children with paws. Mediation is a proven and valuable way to avoid the costs of courts, police involvement, and the stresses of an ongoing conflict involving pets and animals with someone.

Contact Information

Monday-Thursday | 10:00am – 6:00pm (currently suspended)
Walk-in Hours (currently suspended)
Phone Messages: (415) 920-3820 x100 (Call back messages are being monitored daily)
Email contact:

Mediations can assist with:

  • Barking dogs & other noise issues
  • Damage to property & greenery
  • Shared property line disputes
  • Pet litter & feces removal
  • Dog park & off-leash interactions
  • Training for aggressive pets
  • Feeding stray & feral animals
  • Pet relinquishment
  • End-of-life decisions
  • Pet-to-pet injuries & veterinary bills
  • Pet-to-human injuries & medical bills
  • Negotiating shared custody & visitation
  • Discussing separation & custody of multiple pets
  • Arranging any future veterinary expenditures
  • Finalizing custody terms of agreement
  • And others…

How Our Mediation Process Works

  • You contact us for an initial consultation. We will assess your situation and how best to help.
  • If mediation is appropriate, you give us the contact information of those involved. Depending on the complexity of the case, fees will vary. They will be discussed before you open a case. No one is turned away for lack of funds.
  • We then invite the other person(s) to a mediation and address their questions and concerns.
  • When all parties agree, we schedule a convenient time for the mediation with three of our skilled volunteer Community Mediators.
  • During the mediation, everyone is given time to speak in a safe and supportive environment.
  • If new understandings and agreements are reached, the mediators will help you put them in writing.
  • We ask you to make a generous donation so we can continue to help others.

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About Charles “Chuck” Regal

Charles Regal, known by many as Chuck, had a long-term relationship with Community Boards that spanned decades. In his 27 years of service, he worked as mediator, facilitator, public spokesperson and advocate, case manager, director of neighborhood services, and co-executive director. After leaving Community Boards, Chuck merged his two passions: a love of animals and peacemaking through mediation. He established Regal Pet Custody & Care Mediation, operating a successful private practice for two decades. His pet custody work was featured on National Public Radio, in the San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Dog Fancy Magazine, Fox News Online Magazine, and many other places. Sadly, Chuck passed away in October, 2020.