Get Involved

Here are the ways you can “get involved” at Community Boards:


We encourage people interested in supporting our mission and our work to become members. Click here for more information about our Membership Program.


If you would like to become one of our volunteer Community Mediators, you must take The Basics of Mediation training. We provide a limited number of scholarships to help us maintain the diversity of our mediator pool. Click here for information about The Basics of Mediation.

Direct Program Operations & Services

You may wish to assist with intake & case management during business hours. To do so, you need to join our Internship Program. Click here for information about our Internship Program.

Outreach & Public Education

Outreach and public education are important, ongoing activities. We have a number of opportunities.  If interested, contact Shana S. Sylva, Community Outreach Coordinator, (415) 920-3820 x102, or email her at  Please include her name in the subject line.

Request a Speaker

Community Boards provides a broad range of citywide conflict resolution services. Through our Speakers Bureau, we can schedule someone to attend your organization’s meeting who will discuss these services and answer questions.

You can easily request a speaker with this online form: