Volunteer @ CB

There are multiple opportunities for volunteering at Community Boards.  As a grassroots leader in conflict resolution and restorative justice, our volunteers are the heart of our organization.


Here are some of the ways you can participate in making San Francisco a safer, more peaceful place to live and work.


If you would like to become one of volunteer Community Mediators, you will need to take The Basics of Mediation training. We provide a limited number of scholarships to help us maintain the diversity of our mediator pool.  Contact: Sarah Moss, Mediation and Training Coordinator, smoss@communityboards.org.


(Our in-office services are currently suspended.)
We need assistance with intake and case management during business in-take hours, Monday-Thursday, 11AM to 5PM. Volunteers answer telephones, speak with people who have a conflict, answer their questions, open cases, or make referrals to other resources. To assist here, you will need to apply to our Intern Program. Contact: Sarah Moss, Mediation and Training Coordinator, smoss@communityboards.org.


Outreach and public education are important ongoing activities. We are invited to send representatives to public and civic events, year-round, throughout San Francisco. Activities include tabling, public speaking, role-play demonstrations, social mixers, among others. We are continuously improving and expanding our social media platforms. Volunteer activities include promoting our neighborhood and professional services on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Help us get the word out any way you can! Contact: Tatiana Mercier, Community Engagement Coordinator, tmercier@communityboards.org.