2019 SF Peacemaker Awards

Community Boards honors the recipients of the 2019 San Francisco Peacemaker Awards. They truly represent the true community builders and on-the-ground peacemakers that the awards salute and celebrate.


Community Boards is also immensely grateful to the benefit’s generous sponsors. Their financial gifts transcend the awards- they provide critical support for sustaining our mission of providing conflict resolution to all San Franciscans.

Mina Fa
2019 Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award

Mina Fa is a senior at Phillip and Sala Burton High School in Visitacion Valley. Mina and her family are Cham, an ethnic group from Southeast Asia that she credits for teaching her to treat everybody she meets equally. Mina says her Muslim background teaches her to be mindful of the impact of her words. Through the support of Peer Resources, Mina has developed an array of conflict resolution and life skills based on these core beliefs. Learn more about Mina.

Sasanna Yee
2019 Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peacemaker Award

Sasanna Yee, a San Francisco Visitacion Valley native, launched her Peace in the Southeast project to transform “hurt into love”. Motivated by the violent assault on her 88-year-old grandmother, Sasanna has been inspirational in creating racial unity and healing spaces in Visitacion Valley and beyond. Now her life’s mission, Peace in the Southeast has rippled throughout many community spaces and neighborhoods in the southeast corner of San Francisco. Learn more about Sasanna.

HOMEY, Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth
2019 Community Boards Leadership Peacemaker Award

HOMEY is a grassroots, non-profit deeply rooted in San Francisco. Founded by former gang members 20 years ago, HOMEY has unapologetically identified issues adversely affecting the youth and young adults throughout the Mission District. They’re an inspirational community-empowerment organization combating youth violence and mass incarceration. HOMEY does this through delivering hope, empowerment, leadership, culture, and most importantly, with love. Learn more about HOMEY.

Eric Butler, Keynote Speaker

Renowned restorative justice practitioner and trainer Eric Butler believes in the power of relationship-building as a healing practice. Eric’s pioneering and transformational approach to conflict work — which hinges on the tremendous power of conversation — has been documented by publications like the New York Time, and most recently, by the award-winning feature film CIRCLES. Learn more about Eric.

Morning Workshop

How Cultural Differences can be the Fuel for Transformative Work
In collaboration with the Center for Understanding in Conflict, mediator and restorative justice practitioner Eric Butler will facilitate this workshop exploring how culture, race, power, and privilege impact conflict work. (MCLE: This course is approved by the State Bar of California for 2 MCLE credits for the elimination of bias (provider #9323). Learn more about the workshop.