2021 SF Peacemaker Awards

The San Francisco Peacemaker Awards acknowledge and honor the significant and tireless contributions of others who make San Francisco a city of healthier, more just, and respectful neighborhoods and communities. The awards recognize individuals and organizations with proven track records and the next generation of “rising” peacemakers.


Led by Sonya Shah

Interpersonal accountability is a buzzword used by so many, but what does it mean? How do we build accountability into ourselves and our communities from the smallest of hurts to situations of severe harm? What is the difference between interpersonal and structural accountability? Can we make accountability over punishment the norm in order to create a more humane, safe, and truly just society? In this session we will explore the ins and outs of accountability, what is it, how we become accountable, what gets in the way of accountability and the transformative and liberatory impact of accountability.


Director, Ahimsa Collective

Sonya Shah is a leader in the restorative justice field. She has trained hundreds of facilitators in trauma healing and restorative modalities, and helps communities design their own group healing processes nationally. She initiated the Ahimsa Collective in 2016, an organization that addresses harm in ways that foster wholeness for everyone by replacing systems of punishment with paradigms grounded in healing, relationship, and love. Sonya is also a faculty member of Interdisciplinary Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Learn more about Sonya here.