Rising Up Initiative

Community Boards provides support services for transitional aged housed youth through San Francisco’s Rising Up Initiative. The addition of Community Boards to the Rising Up team provides a pathway for housed youth to gain skills in facing and working with conflict and to see it as an opportunity for growth.

In addition, Community Boards provides a range of customized trainings to collaborating service providers and youth. Conflict management training gives youth skills to navigate disputes with neighbors, landlords, coworkers and others, which enables them to keep stable jobs and housing. Interested youth can earn a certificate in Conflict Resolution that gives them a sought-after job skill.


If you have questions or would like to discuss a problem, please email Chioma Uruakpa, Housing Stabilization Coordinator, at curuakpa@communityboards.org.

Here’s How Community Boards Can Help

Mediation is an in depth dialogue where Mediators create the opportunity for Participants in conflict to come together in a space where they can safely air their concerns, learn about each other’s needs and interests,  how those needs and interests affect the conflict, work to create new pathways for communication going forward, and work to collaboratively build agreements.

Mediation can help with these types of conflicts:

  • Chores, responsibilities, sharing common space conflicts
  • Roommate conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Creating clear boundaries with visitors, housemates
  • Respect issues
  • Safety concerns
  • Miscommunication
  • Neighbor conflicts and concerns (such as noise, visitors, respect)
  • Money disputes
  • Roommate and visitor agreements
  • Landlord and tenant Disputes
  • And more

One-on-one individual sessions with a Conflict Coach to assist Housed Youth in addressing conflict by supporting them in feeling heard and valued,  identifying their needs and interests and those of others, shifting their perspectives, and working to develop skills and strategies to productively resolve conflict.

When people are in conflict, sometimes it’s difficult to sit down and have a productive, calm conversation.  A Facilitator creates a space and the opportunity for individuals to come together and talk, guiding a process that supports and empowers Participants to speak openly, and identify and define their shared goals, while also identifying the issues that stand in the way of achieving those goals.

Rising Up is a public-private partnership that includes the City and County of San Francisco departments, non-profit organizations, local companies, and philanthropic supporters.

Rising Up Program Partners
San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, Tipping Point Community, Larkin Street Youth Services, Brilliant Corners, At the Crossroads, First Place for Youth, Five Keys Schools & Programs, and 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic.