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Community Boards can assist organizations, groups, collectives, startups, public agencies, and small businesses in improving their overall conflict resolution policies and operations. Drawing on our extensive 40-year expertise, we’ve developed an array of low cost options that deliver effective results.

The broad benefits of our customized services include improved communication, stress reduction, team building, early interventions for de-escalating conflicts, and improved productivity.

Custom Training

Community Boards’ custom trainings combine practical approaches with specific techniques for increasing productivity and collaboration through managing organizational and workplace related conflicts. Each training is customized to meet a client’s goals, outcomes, and needs. Our staff excel in designing approaches that complement an organization’s current conflict resolution and grievance procedures.

In our trainings, participants learn skills and strategies to address conflicts in ways that defuse hostility and facilitate proactive, peaceful problem solving. The range of our training topics include:

  • Effective communication and decision making
  • One-on-one & third party mediation
  • Anger management
  • Conflict coaching
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Intercultural communication
  • Understanding & appreciating diversity

Meeting Facilitation

Community Boards’ meeting facilitations help groups and teams clarify and achieve their goals, work more effectively and productively together, and generate constructive results when confronting institutional challenges or internal conflict.

Board Retreats

Community Boards hosts retreats to help boards of directors clarify and deliver their organization’s mission, visions, and strategic plans. We can host small and large groups at our Opera Plaza offices.

Managerial Conflict Coaching

Community Boards offers one-on-one conflict coaching sessions designed to help individuals gain new insights and skills to address specific issues or obstacles they are confronting.

Logistics & Costs

Custom Training and Board Retreat fees are $1500 for a half day and $3000 for a full day. These fees include a preliminary meeting to determine goals and outcomes, setting the agenda, day-of-service delivery, participant packets, session evaluations, and post-session debriefings.

Meeting Facilitation fees are $200 per hour for facilitation and $75 per hour for prep and follow-up work before and after the meeting date.

Managerial Conflict Coaching fees are hourly: $150 for the initial session and $75 per additional hour if needed.

Contact Us

To discuss your needs and how Community Boards can develop a customized service package, please email Sarah Moss, Mediation and Training Coordinator, at

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