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The State of the Mediation Movement
An Open Panel Discussion

Nonprofit recognizes local ‘Peacemakers’
Alex Madison, Bay Area Reporter

Peacemaker Awards recognizes diverse assembly of activists
Destiny Arroyo, El Tecolote

A roadmap to peace for San Francisco’s Latino youth
Your Call: Ali Budner & Rose Aguilar, KALW Radio 91.7FM

Formerly incarcerated women take on crime reduction, harm reduction, and healing
Your Call: Rose Aguilar & Laura Flynn, KALW Radio 91.7FM

Community Boards Peacemaker Awards: Phoebe Vanderhorst, Deena Abdelwahhab & Darlene Weide Interview (Part 1)
Jenna Lane, KCBS Radio 740 AM
Part 2 | Part 3

Deena Abdelwahhab & Darlene Weide Interview
Talkies with Kris Welch, KPFA Radio 94.1FM

Phoebe Vanderhorst, Dana Curtis & Darlene Weide Interview
Wanda Sabir, Wanda’s Picks Radio Show

Here are San Francisco’s very first Legacy Business recipients
Adam Brinklow, Curbed SF

San Francisco approves first nine legacy businesses
Emily Green, San Francisco Chronicle

Bayview resident the youngest to receive Peacemaker Award
Marynoel Strope, San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper

Bullying victim fought back with safe space at school
Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle

8th Grader Wins Community Boards’ The Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award
Marynoel Strope, The Ingleside-Excelsior Light

Top Grad: JaMarc Allen Henderson, June Jordan School for Equity (2015 Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award Recipient)
KRON4 News, Article: Annie Andersen, Interview: Maureen Kelly

Radio interview with Darlene Weide
Marilynn Fowler, Let Me Touch Your Mind, KPOO 89.5 FM Radio

Radio interview with Darlene Weide and Mark Thomas, Alternatives to Violence (2015 Community Boards Leadership Peacemaker Award)
Liz Saint John, Alice@97.3/KCBS Radio

Cable program interview with Valerie Tulier (2015 Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peacemaker Award Recipient)
Leticia Mendoza, Al Día con Leticia Mendoza, Estrella TV42 KTNC/MundoFOX38

Cable program interview with Kamela Laird, Board of Directors
Leticia Mendoza, Al Día con Leticia Mendoza, Estrella TV42 KTNC/MundoFOX38

Cable program interview with Darlene Weide
David Perry, Ten Percent, Comcast Hometown Network

5th Annual San Francisco Peacemaker Award Ceremony to Be Held During Pride Month
San Francisco Bay Times

SF Student to be honored for peer mediation work
Laura Dudnick, San Francisco Examiner

Bayview Foundation wins 2014 SF Peacemaker Award
San Francisco BayView, National Black Newspaper

Lincoln High School Senior Wins 2014 SF Peacemaker Award
San Francisco Unified School District, Website “Spotlight”

Plant, Don’t Plot
John Ribeiro-Broomhead, The Compost Community Garden Newsletter

Community Boards: 35 years settling neighborhood feuds
Brian Rinker, Central City Extra

Dogpatch-Based Martial Arts Group Sponsors Week of Peace
Jim Van Buskirk, The Potrero View

Community Boards Resolve Disputes
Bailey deBruynkops, The Potrero View

Community mediation solves Marina neighbors’ dispute
Darlene Weide, Marina Times

35 Years of Getting to Yes: San Francisco’s Community Boards
Host: Lauren Meltzer | City Visions Radio (KALW 91.7)
[City Visions Radio – Archived Podcast]

Neighbor-on-Neighbor Disputes Resolved
Westside Observer | Page 5

Local Community Boards organization uses mediation to resolve disputes
Organización local ‘Community Boards’ utiliza la mediación para resolver pleitos
[Article – English/Spanish – Download]
Nicole Moreno, El Tecolote

Community Boards’ Commendations by SF Board of Supervisors
City Hall | April 26, 2011

Community Boards and SF Cops meet to Promote Mediation
Anrica Deb, In the Mission Blog, Mission Loc@l

Mediate, Don’t Escalate: Conflict Resolution Mom-Style
Darlene Weide,

Mediators help in neighborly dog disputes
USA Today

Helping neighbors settle their differences
North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association Newsletter | Page 5

Community Boards on NENTv
Neighborhood Empowerment Network Cablecast

Fences and Neighbors, Mediation & Community Boards
Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods Newsletter

Community Spotlight: Community Boards
San Francisco Apartment Magazine

Community Boards Annual Report FY2014-15

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