San Francisco Peacemaker Awards

Community Boards introduced the San Francisco Peacemaker Awards in commemoration of our thirty-fifth anniversary in 2011. The awards acknowledge and honor the significant and tireless contributions of others who make San Francisco a city of healthier, more just and respectful neighborhoods and communities. They recognize both those with proven track records of peacemaking and restorative justice in action and our next generation of inspirational “rising” peacemakers.

Namesakes of the San Francisco Peacemaker Awards

Raymond Shonholtz, J.D., Founder & Visionary, 1942-2012
Ray was a visionary and an international leader in restorative justice and community mediation. An advocate for sustainable civil society, he touched the lives of countless people, as the founder of both Community Boards and Partners for Democratic Change.





As a leader in the Mediation Movement, Tracy is a staunch advocate for mediation as the key to a sustainable civil society, as well as a bridge between community and professional mediators. Tracy’s vision is to harness the power of community and professional peacemakers to create a more just society.

Tracy has been a champion of mediation for almost thirty years. As an undergraduate, she trained with the Community Boards’ affiliate in Durham North Carolina. In collaboration with the Duke University and the Durham Dispute Settlement Center, Tracy researched the efficacy of mediated resolutions while also conducting community mediations.  Learn more about Tracy here.

Gail Sadalla, Trainer & Educator
Gail is a pioneer in conflict resolution for youth beginning in 1980. She co-developed Community Boards’ Conflict Manager Program, one the first peer mediation programs in the U.S., which was launched in 1982 and continues to be replicated world-wide.





Hattie Rose Allen Bellino is a 2021 graduate of Mission High School in San Francisco and will be attending UCLA to pursue a career in emergency medicine and crisis intervention. Hattie is a feminist, social justice advocate, and peer mediator.

At Mission High, Hattie joined the Peer Resources Educator Pathway. She trained in leadership, workshop facilitation, community building, and peer mediation. Learning to mediate conflict between students at her school showed her how to solve real world problems and helped her develop a greater understanding of her peers and community. In this role she organized and fundraised for her Peer Resources class to go to Geneva, Switzerland to participate in an international Model United Nations Conference. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hattie and her classmates organized a school-wide panel discussion on anti-Asian hate that she moderated.  Learn more about Hattie here.

Community Boards, San Francisco Conflict Resolution Center
Founded in 1976, Community Boards revolutionized the restorative justice movement with its mediation panel process, training hundreds of volunteers to serve the general public as compassionate, constructive peacemakers. Today, it is the oldest nonprofit conflict resolution center in the United States.




Sowing the Seeds of Collaboration
BMAGIC (Bayview Hunters Point Mobilization for Adolescent Growth in our Communities) was co-founded in 2004 by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office and Bayview Hunters Point community-based organizations to create collaborative community building efforts that improve the quality of life of Bayview Hunters Point children, youth and their families.

BMAGIC’s mission and vision is to create and maintain a deeper unified road-map to social change that advances the educational, health, economic, and juvenile justice of disadvantaged youth and their families in Bayview Hunters Point. They serve, nurture, and guide youth from pre-k through high school. Learn more about BMAGIC here.