JUNE 28-29: Ken Cloke, The Art of Asking Questions

Community Boards is pleased to offer three engaging and informative trainings this summer. Ken Cloke, an established leader in mediation trainings, will lead a one that addresses a critical element of all mediations: asking questions. Leeland West, a frontline activist, will provide insight and tools for the ever-increasing mediations involving gender. Tony Piazza, a highly respected mediator and trainer, will focus on the various aspects of the evaluative mediation process. Register today!

JUNE 28-29

Trainer: Ken Cloke

There is no greater skill for mediators than the art of asking questions — not the usual who, what, when, where, and why type. What’s critical are the deeper questions, skillful ones that reveal some new element or facet of the mediated problem. Ken’s innovative workshop will focus on how to ask skillful questions so we can begin to move into the heart of conflict and initiate open, honest, vulnerable conversations that allow people to work through their conflicts, where resolution, transformation, and transcendence suddenly, inexplicably, exquisitely unfold. 4MCLE awarded. LEARN MORE HERE.


Trainer: Leeland West

Many of us have been exposed to words and ideas about gender that are new to us, but the expanse of gender beyond the woman-man binary is old. How might we think about gender in ways that increase our joys, connections, and freedoms? Leeland’s workshop will review basic concepts related to gender diversity, discuss the legacy of colonialism and the gender binary, and practice self-exploration through the lens of gender. Spaces are limited. 2MCLE awarded. LEARN MORE HERE.


A Trail Guide through the Evaluative Mediation Process
Trainer: Tony Piazza

This workshop will utilize an actual dispute that was settled in one session of mediation. Tony will walk participants through the initial joint session and the first round of caucuses, and will discuss how a mediator’s proposal was utilized to finalize the settlement. Participants will receive summaries of the briefs that were submitted to Tony for the mediation – edited for confidentiality. Registrants will have the opportunity to submit questions. LEARN MORE HERE.


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