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Community Boards’ calendar of 2017 Mediation Clinics are intensive, two-hour workshops designed for both new and experienced conflict resolution practitioners, adr professionals, and other interested individuals.  They are a critical resource for mediators to stay informed about current adr trends, learn practical tools and strategies, and explore new areas of practice.  Led by seasoned professionals, these clinics cover an exciting variety of topics and unique conflict resolution practices.

Community Boards is very grateful for the generous, ongoing support of JAMS.

Upcoming Mediation Clinic


Mediation, Divorce & Family Law Issues

Relationship conflicts are some of the most frequent and challenging disputes mediators face.

In addition to the common communication roadblocks that couples face, there are other factors besides applicable marriage and custody laws that mediators need to work with.

Is the couple same sex, or not? Are there children involved? Are they in any sort of legally recognized relationship? Are they ex-partners who want to get along for the sake of their children?

Charlie Spiegel and Dylan Miles bring their many years of expertise in family law to this clinic, focusing on helping challenged partners communicate about difficult issues to get unstuck and move forward.

Charlie and Dylan will briefly touch on laws, discuss red and yellow flags, and provide helpful tips and techniques when mediating and facilitating dialogue between couples as well as custodial and non-custodial parents, never married parents, same-gender parents, stepparents and grandparents.

From their clinic you will learn:

  • When matters require legal expertise
  • Techniques to use when emotions are high
  • Best approaches when children are involved
  • The common types of issues you can expect to hear

Trainers: Dylan Miles, PhD, Esq. and Charlie Spiegel, Esq.


Dylan Miles, PhD, Esq.

Dylan Miles is passionate about finding effective ways to help his clients create solid beginnings and move through change, fully informed and with heart. When working with his clients, as mediator or attorney, he listens carefully to their goals and helps them create individualized plans.

Dylan serves on the Board of Collaborative Practice San Francisco and mediates for the San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa Superior Courts. He also volunteers as a Community Mediator for Community Boards. Before focusing his practice on family law and mediation, Dylan was a civil rights advocate. In addition to his legal practice, he teaches students at Stanford University how to communicate clearly and respectfully with clients. Learn more about Dylan: milesfamilylaw.com.


Charlie Spiegel, Esq.

Charlie Spiegel has a Bay Area legal practice that includes pre and post nuptial planning and agreements, divorce and custody mediation, adoption, surrogacy and real estate matters. Charlie is one of the co-writers of Divorce Options, a low cost public education program offered throughout California. He served as Co-Chair of the National Board of Lambda Legal, and was a founding executive director of Our Family, a Bay Area LGBT family organization. Charlie also served on the Board of Directors for KidsTurn.org, Collaborative Practice California and Collaborative Practice SF, and is a member of the national Family Law Institute.
Charlie graduated from New York University School of Law with honors. He received a Fammy award from San Francisco’s Jewish Family & Children’s Services in 2009 and the Our Family award for his advocacy for families in 2017. Learn more about Charlie: charlesspiegellaw.com.


Registration & Payment: $25 CB Member | $45 General Public

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You can learn more about each Mediation Clinic and the trainer, plus register and make payment in the 2017 Calendar links below.

2017 Calendar

Tuesday, January 10
Lorie Reichel-Howe: How Do I Handle That?, Conflict Communication Skills for Mediators

While conflict is inevitable in life, combat is optional. Every mediator witnesses good old-fashioned bad behavior and repeat offenders. Having experienced and observed the hurt of cutting words and verbal attacks, the sting of sickening silence, and the regret of having lashed out in anger, mediators step up and encourage dialogue in order to restore relationships. >>> Learn more here.

Tuesday, February 7
Katharina W. Dress, MA: Adult Family Mediation, Transforming Family Feuds into Peaceful Partnerships

Katharina’s mediation clinic explores reasons why family dynamics and intergenerational communication barriers can present major roadblocks to successful Elder Care and Estate Planning. When confronted with these challenges, many families avoid the conversation until a time of crisis when it appears that only attorneys or courts may be able to help. >>> Learn more here.

07_malcolm_sher_webTuesday, March 7
Malcolm Sher: Preparing the Client, Yourself & the Mediator for Success

The courts of California are overwhelmed with cases awaiting trial. Mediation has become the most recognized and accepted alternative to trial. Many real estate and commercial contracts require the parties to attempt mediation before resorting to arbitration or litigation.  Malcolm will discuss and provide proven techniques on how lawyers can best prepare their clients, themselves and the mediator for a “win-win” outcome. >>>Learn more & register here.

May_2017_Clinic_webTuesday, April 4
With Mark Batson Baril & Laura Weiss: Understanding Conflict Hooks at Work

Conflict hooks are your personal hot buttons. They come from within you, not really from someone else pressing them, though that’s how we generally talk about them (He just presses my buttons). They’re based in your identity, or how you see yourself (and want others to see you) in the world.  This powerful workshop provides a door to self-awareness for both individuals and teams. >>> Learn more & register here.

Ron_Kelly_WebTuesday, May 2
Ron Kelly: 30 Minute Mediation

More than a decade ago, Ron started an experiment. Could you design a mediation process that could really help two people with a serious relationship problem in only half an hour, start to finish? The model has proven astonishingly effective. Since then he has used this process to help numerous couples, family members, co-workers, neighbors and others. Ron has been asked to teach it to everyone from community volunteers to court mediators. >>> Learn more & register here.

Huang_Peter_Web_ClinicTuesday, June 6
Peter Huang: Working With Cultural Differences in the Dispute Resolution Process

Cultural differences can pose a challenge to mediators in the dispute resolution process.   They can form barriers, block communication, and intensify emotional issues, and yet add a level of richness to the process.  When mediators recognize, acknowledge, understand and accept differences, we can use that information to bridge gaps in a positive and productive way. Learn more & register here.

Kim_Randolph_ClinicTuesday, July 11
Kim Randolph: Addressing Internalized Oppression and Privilege, The Impact on Communication and Conflict

The issues that arise around internalized oppression and its potential daily impact on us raise, in turn, many questions. These are particularly critical to those of us who mediate. Kim will share the strategies she has…Learn more & register here.

Tuesday, August 8
Unfortunately this Mediation Clinic has been cancelled.

Colin_Rule_Clinic_2017Tuesday, September 26
Colin Rule: Resolving Conflict through Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is here, and increasingly, courts, legal service providers and mediators are recognizing its potential in addressing conflict by other than traditional means. Colin will introduce a variety of ODR tools…Learn more & register here.

Zeger_Wesselink_Clinic_2017Tuesday, October 3
Cordell Wesselink & Betsy Zeger: Playing with Perspectives, Reframing and Seeing Other Sides

One of the essential jobs of mediators and those helping to resolve conflict is to create the possibility of a change in perspective. This can entail interventions from reframing toxic, judgmental, and demeaning language, to helping a person see someone else’s point of view…Learn more & register here.

EJ_Gibbons_Website_Tuesday, November 7
Ed Gibbons: Organizational Development: Team Building

Organizational Development: Team BuildingTeam building and maintenance is a crucial aspect of any successful business.  Ed will call upon his considerable expertise in working with teams by discussing how teams fit into the big picture of healthy organizational structure. Learn more & register here.

Tuesday, December 5
See above.

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Continuing Education Credits

MCLE:  Some 2017 courses are approved by the State Bar of California for 2 MCLE credits (provider #9323). $20 processing fee required.

You can pay online here:  >>>Click for MCLE payment.

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Registration, Payment & Logistics

You can preregister and prepay for mediation clinics through the links in the 2017 CALENDAR above. 

Please be advised: We prefer that people preregister for our clinics.  While we don’t discourage walk-ins, all clinic participants are required to check in at the building security desk, and if your name is NOT on the registration roster, it could result in a delay or possibly inability to gain entry.

Though it rarely happens, we reserve the right to cancel a clinic. Should we cancel, registrants will receive a full refund. We also reserve the right to substitute trainers or presenters.  All other cancellations will be treated pursuant to the Refunds and Transfer Fees policy described below.

Refunds & Transfer Fees
If you cancel more than 24 hours before the clinic start time, there is a $7.50 cancellation fee. This fee will be waived one time if registration is transferred to a subsequent clinic that begins within twelve months of the training start date.  No refunds for cancellations 24 hours or less before the clinic start time.

All mediation clinics are held at:  JAMS, 2 Embarcadero Center, 15th Floor, San Francisco, 6-8 PM. [MAP]


For more information, please contact Karen H. Lipney, ADR Programs Director, (415) 920-3820 x109, or email her at Learn_More@communityboards.org. Please include her name in the subject line.

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