2017 SF Peacemaker Awards

Understanding Leverage and the Psychology of Influence

Improving Your Persuasive Skills and Increasing Collaboration

Morning Workshop Leader

Whether in a mediation or a negotiation, at home or at work, we engage in efforts to persuade others to cooperate with us and are on the receiving end of others’ attempts to persuade us.

Jessica’s workshop will introduce you to different types of leverage and the power of persuasion so that you can choose and respond to influencing strategies more consciously and effectively.

You’ll learn to identify and shift between interests, rights and power conversations and select influencing strategies appropriate to the moment and the person you wish to persuade. We will also examine the powerful psychological forces behind most influencing strategies to deepen your understanding of how and why they work.

Jessica is a well recognized leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Learn more about her @ jessicanotini.com.

Contact Darlene Weide, Executive Director, with any questions you may have.