“I wish we had called Community Boards sooner. For months, we yelled, “lost” phone messages, got and gave the silent treatment, slammed doors! Your mediators helped us talk things through, calmly and respectfully. After only two hours we reached an agreement! Thanks!” – Three roommates, Mission District

“No one in the new family upstairs spoke very good English and we don’t speak Spanish. We tried to talk to them about the noises coming through our ceiling, but they didn’t understand. Having a Spanish-speaking mediator made all the difference. Our mediation changed everything. They bought rugs and padding, and now we have our quiet home back!” – Two families, North Beach

“We’re always getting calls where people want us to settle a personal dispute. People treat us as marriage counselors, family therapists, referees or judges. You name it. I’ve made numerous referrals to Community Boards, giving folks your little card for problems where no law has been broken, but when we’ve been dispatched.” – Police officer, Tenderloin

“As a property manager, I’ve referred tenants who have problems with other tenants to Community Boards. I’m happy to help them when I can, but you’ve certainly made my job a lot easier. Thanks!” – Property manager, Excelsior District

“I was very impressed with the bilingual translator who spoke Cantonese at my mediation. He did more than just translate. Now I’ve got a better understanding of the different values between me and my neighbors. There was more to our problem than just loud music. – Homeowner, Inner Richmond

Without the help of an organization such as the Community Boards and its wonderful mediators, the parties may have never had a chance to communicate their respective situations in a friendly and accepting environment and really listen to each other. Because of your help, the tenants had a chance to bring up issues, explain their points of view, and gain further understanding of the problem. We appreciate very much that you also provided a Spanish speaker, without whose assistance it might have been very difficult for everyone to express themselves fully and confidently. – Apartment Building Property Manager, Pacific Heights


“My coaching session was a gentle, practical, conversational exploration of what was important on all sides of my issue. Tony was able to get me to envision a different scenario that would not trigger me.”

“I felt comfortable with my coach and she really distilled my issue into one I could better understand. My session was a nice balance of care and curiosity combined with a focus on the practical.”

“Awesome session. Sheryl made me think of things that hadn’t occurred to me. She helped me come up with actions I could take that were well within my comfort zone.”


“Community Boards is an established tradition in San Francisco. They have touched every neighborhood in the City with early intervention and alternatives to solving conflicts. By providing a forum for all residents, Community Boards has developed a unique, culturally sensitive and effective peacemaking forum. We have all benefited from their presence. – The Very Reverend Alan Jones, Grace Cathedral

Community Boards’ staff and volunteers are passionate about their work, tirelessly committed to assisting their clients with such positive results, whether they bring together a corner grocer with the teenage neighbors who have tagged his store with graffiti, or the noisy tenant who agrees to lower the volume so the tenant next door can sleep. Whatever the problem, big or small, Community Boards offers a cost-effective, pragmatic, effective way to reduce the frustrations and tensions that too often boil over into neighborhood crime and conflict. – Consumer Protection Unit, S.F. District Attorney’s Office

“Community Boards has assisted our mission by providing training for people serving Bayview Hunter’s Point…Episodes of violence here making these trainings invaluable for any providers who live and work here…Our experience with them is that they provide a responsive, culturally sensitive and skilled referral service.” – Senior Family Advocate, Bayview Hunter’s Point Family Resource Center

“Depending on the factors that change and challenge our City — economically, politically, socially — we find that our problems also change. Community Boards, being a fixture in San Francisco for years, knows how to change and responds adeptly to these challenges. From the very personal neighbor-to-neighbor to more public issues, Community Boards responds to all conflicts as an avenue for peaceful resolution.” – Executive Director, Centro de Recursos Centroamericanos

“The ease at which a simple dispute can erupt into violence underscores the value of Community Boards’ early intervention and the easy access to its services.” – Former Executive Director, S.A.F.E.

“Community Boards’ work continues to be a catalyst for initiatives that address volatile urban/civic tensions in San Francisco and other communities throughout the nation. Their efforts promote San Francisco’s reputation for developing community-oriented services by providing prevention and early intervention conflict resolution programs, while maintaining a strong relationship with the highly diverse community that it serves. – Conciliation Specialist, Community Relations Service, U.S. Department of Justice