2023 Conflict Coaching Trainings

2023 Conflict Coaching Trainings

With Betsy Zeger & Karen H. Lipney

Special Conflict Coaching Package!

We’ve bundled our conflict coaching trainings into a special package deal! You can register for both Conflict Coaching 101 and Intermediate Conflict Coaching for a savings of $50. Offer ends February 23.

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one session intended to assist and empower individuals to positively address specific conflicts and gain skills and tools to engage in, manage or productively resolve conflict.

Conflict Coaching 101

February 25 & March 4 | Live Interactive Training on Zoom
Conflict Coaching 101 is an intensive, two-day introduction to the principles of conflict coaching during which participants will learn to apply their current conflict resolution and mediation skills in a one-on-one situation.

In addition, you will gain new insights to this unique approach and have opportunities to practice and apply them, including affirmatively recognizing and acknowledging cultural differences, and power imbalances. Conflict coaching may be used in both personal and workplace settings and is ideal for professional mediators, social workers, school counselors, marriage and family therapists, and HR personnel.

Intermediate Conflict Coaching

April 1 | Live Interactive Training on Zoom
Intermediate Conflict Coaching is an advanced, one-day training that will give participants new techniques and tools. You’ll have additional opportunities to practice conflict coaching and get expert feedback. This training is a must for those who have taken Community Boards’ Conflict Coaching 101.

We will also talk in more depth about assisting clients in coming up with doable action plans and supporting the client to follow through with it. Additional techniques for conflict coaching by phone will also be covered.

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