#2018 Supporting Community Boards

Community Boards’ Giving Tuesdays

This year our resilience as individuals and communities has certainly been put through the test. In this moment, Community Boards’ compassionate, helpful, and supportive services matter more than ever.

Staff and our community of volunteer mediators and conflict coaches insist that every person, no matter their resources, receives quality conflict resolution services and a seat at our trainings. Your support is critical.

Since our public work has many facets, we’ve expanded Giving Tuesday into Community Boards’ Giving Tuesdays. You’ll soon be learning more from Community Boards’ dedicated staff.

Strengthening Our Communities Together
Darlene Weide, Executive Director

As an introduction to our Giving Tuesdays, I want to provide a quick snapshot of 2018’s successes. This year we trained 657 individuals, facilitated community forums for 98 people, and led mediations for 120 people. We launched a newly-accredited statewide training for public health officials and trainings for homeless service professionals.

More than 365 people received financial aid discounts to our services.

With your generous donation, we will grow Community Boards’ services and provide more people with safe and confidential support, and empower our neighbors to raise their voices to find solutions to their challenges and thrive. [Read more here.]

The Importance of Outreach
Shana S. Sylva, Community Outreach Coordinator

My job is to make sure that as many San Franciscans as possible know about Community Boards’ services and training opportunities. My main focus is reaching those that don’t have other options to resolve their conflicts.

In 2018, together with some dedicated volunteers, I’ve reached out to organizations that work with undocumented immigrants, residents in low income housing, families in public schools, and those at risk of losing their housing. I’ve also done a big push to connect with the SF Police Department and 311SF staff, and other referral sources. [Read more here.]

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