Three Conflict Coaching Workshops

Conflict Coaching in the Workplace

June 12 – July 10 – August 7


Rudeen Monte

Unresolved workplace conflicts cause anxiety and hurt among the disputants, disrupt teamwork and impede productivity within the group which has an impact on other departments and the customers the organization seeks to serve.

Rudeen Monte’s series of three workshops addresses causes of workplace conflict and the role of supervisor and mediator in assisting disputants toward resolution.

While we encourage people to attend all three of Rudeen’s mediation clinics, and they are designed to complement each other, each may be taken individually.

  1. JUNE 12: Human Development Applied to Workplace Conflicts
  2. JULY 10: Steps for Intervening with Common Conflict Dynamics
  3. AUGUST 7: Organizational and Systems Causes of Conflict

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