2017 SF Peacemaker Sponsors & Tickets

Community Boards does not work alone. Our San Francisco Peacemaker Awards salute and celebrate the community builders, anti-violence advocates, and on-the-ground peacemakers who work to make San Francisco a safer and healthier city for all.

Join us on Friday, June 2 to share in this celebration. Please become a sponsor or purchase your tickets today.

Dana_Curtis_SFPeacemakers_2017_post.jpegDana Curtis, Keynote Speaker
Connecting Heart and Mind in Divided Times
As the distance between ourselves and others widens in the face of conflict – whether in the realm of politics or relationships – our ability to communicate and connect is vulnerable to collapse. Likewise, our hope things can change. Dana Curtis will offer her thoughts about how we can narrow the divide and bridge the gap between ourselves and the “other.”

Jessica_Notini_SFPeacemakers_2017_post.jpegJessica Notini, Morning Workshop Leader
Understanding Leverage and the Psychology of Influence
Whether in a mediation or a negotiation, at home or at work, we engage in efforts to persuade others to cooperate with us and are on the receiving end of others’ attempts to persuade us. Jessica’s workshop introduces different types of leverage and the power of persuasion so influencing strategies are chosen more consciously and effectively.


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